Fellowship, Grace

Understanding Galatians – Part 6

In the fourth chapter of Galatians, Paul continues to talk about law vs. faith. Again, Paul’s examples and metaphors he uses to make his point are there to teach us how justification through our own performance is futility. Human nature teaches us that nothing is free, why would we think our salvation is any different? This is why the good news of salvation by grace through faith is such a foreign concept for people to grasp. Continue Reading


Understanding Galatians – Part 1

The first step in correcting a problem is admitting you have one. In the first twenty years of my Christian walk, you never would’ve convinced me that I was in the same boat the Galatians were in when Paul chose to write to them. Yet, that’s exactly where I was. Now it’s as if a veil has been lifted and I understand that salvation – justification in the eyes of God comes from grace through faith and not my own efforts to get everything right and shun everything that is wrong. Looking back at the book of Galatians and Romans now, I think “How could I not have seen this? The scriptures are so clear on the point.” Continue Reading