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Liberal Vs. Conservative

My main goal with this blog is to show the dangers and inconsistencies in the ultra-conservative mindset. For convenience sake, I call the ultra-conservative position Pharisaical.

Some would say that because I have made, and have no plans at this time to write articles about the ultra-liberal position that I’m automatically in that category. I don’t write on ultra-liberals because I have very limited knowledge of the position. I’ll leave the critique of their views to people who know more on the subject. Over the years a lot of mud has been slung back in forth between the two camps and I do not wish to add to it. I do, however, know the Pharisee position very well having grown up in it.

I only ask that those who read my articles do so with an open an honest heart. Regardless of our positions, we all have the same goal. Let’s remember that our enemies are not people, but principles and ideas.