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Understanding Galatians – Part 7

The first few verses of chapter 5 states very clearly the point of this website. We are free in Christ. Free from what? Of course Christ frees us from a lot of things including sin and death. But in the context of Galatians and this chapter, we are free from the Law. Continue Reading


Understanding Galatians – Part 5

In chapter 3 of the letter to the Galatians Paul starts getting into the meat and potatoes of his argument. Faith over works. Those in my faith-heritage may argue, no his point is faith over works of “the law”. This being a reference only to “old law” or Mosaic Law. But I think as we examine what exactly Paul is saying we will see a principle being taught that exceeds just arguing against circumcision and the Mosaic Law. Continue Reading

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Understanding Galatians – Part 2

The first thing you must do when understanding the writings of the Bible is to identify the context. Before we dive into the content of Galatians, let’s establish the context of the book. Misunderstandings come from reading the verses without the context of the narrative, especially if we are simply searching for verses to make an argument or defend a position. The books of the Bible were not intended to be read or used in this fashion. Continue Reading